Free customized customer service – Our representatives assist with queries and problem resolution via live chat. Ad supported

Live Help –  Our representatives assist browsers with their queries, comparing items, problem solving, filling out forms etc… This is provided via Live Chat which does not require any software installation. No ads  and 24/7 service available.

E-mail support –Responding to each individual e-mail can be overwhelming. Our highly trained agents assist by replying promptly. The option to speak directly to an agent can also be included in e-mails.

Telephone support – Support is offered though landline phones and includes both inbound and outbound calls.

After sales support – Our representatives assist customers that require help in using or setting up products and services.

Technical problem resolution – None tech savvy customers are assisted through daunting tasks by giving step by step instructions that they will understand.

General problem resolution – Day to day queries and frequently asked questions are resolved. This service is ideal for persons who are more receptive to speaking to an individual.

Analysis and reports – Information is collated and presented in a useful form that will assist in identifying trends

Outsourcing your customer service will decrease cost, increase efficiency and improve the overall quality of service you offer. Outsource today and reap the benefits.

For more details feel free to chat with one of our representative via the live chat button on the right of your screen.